“The Woodwork Institute Awards Programs honor design and craftsmanship excellence in architectural millwork.”


The Woodwork Institute selected Northwestern Design as the winner of the Ralph B. McClure Craftsmanship Award for exceptional craftsmanship and installation of architectural millwork for the Stanford Hoover Office Building and Conference Center.

The Stanford Hoover Office Building and Conference Center is located in the heart of the Stanford University campus, adjacent to the Hoover Tower. The 55,000-square-foot conference center is a famed institution designed to host high-profile, world-renowned speakers and retreats as well as housing office space for management and operations. It is not only a functional space for large gatherings and day-to-day business, but the facility is aesthetically pleasing for those who have an appreciation for intriguing design and a love for rich wood tones.

The project interior spaces are an impressive display of fine wood craftsmanship with stunning quarter-sliced walnut veneer wall paneling and walnut lumber trim. The featured spaces include a glass-walled arcade, Blount Hall (a 440-seat dining area and multipurpose room), the 400-seat Hauck Auditorium and a welcoming pavilion.

The areas inside the Hoover Institution demonstrate an engaging visualization of rich earth tones in both walnut veneer and lumber components. The design elements and rich color tones are well utilized within these large areas. Level 2 office spaces combine walnut solid wood jambs, casings and window sills. Break rooms incorporate functional plastic laminate casework, with durable engineered solid surface stone countertops.

NWD is honored to receive recognition for this project.

General Contractor – Hathaway Dinwiddie
Architect – Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc.


Northwestern Design is pleased to announce that its work with Stantec on the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was recognized by the Woodwork Institute as the recipient of the Bernard B. Barber Jr. Award for Excellence. The award honors design professionals for projects where the interior or exterior architectural millwork is a predominant feature.

The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center on the South Bascom Avenue campus is a perfect example of the newest health care trend, which focuses on the most updated care for patients and their families. The 367,000-square-foot, six-story facility offers 168 private patient rooms with more space to accommodate families. The new building also includes a rehabilitation therapy center, featuring aquatic therapy pools and a gym for those suffering from a brain or spinal cord injury or a stroke. The project also houses an indoor garden atrium, meditation room and support offices.

The project was a collaborative design effort, involving many different materials. Teams worked to bring different tolerances of wood, plastics and steel together to not only create a unified look, but to offer a durable, warm and acoustically-friendly atmosphere. Bamboo wall paneling, with an inch thick of insulation, was used to maximize the acoustics throughout the facility giving the public areas an inviting feel.

The amount of work and intricate detail that went into designing each single occupancy patient room featured the latest and most advanced casework technology in the custom wardrobes, headboards and patient care cabinets. The tall, double-sided patient care cabinets are the featured casework piece in each of the rooms. The cabinets are designed so the nursing staff can restock supplies without disturbing patients inside the rooms. These cabinets include double-acting drawers, which are lockable from both sides.

Hospital guests who enter the impressive indoor garden atrium are welcomed by uniquely-crafted benches spread throughout the space. A link slat wall for privacy stands on one side of the lobby. The benches and slat wall offer a quiet space for those seeking solitude, while also giving the area plenty of character.

NWD is honored to receive recognition for its work with Stantec on this project.

General Contractor – Turner Construction Company
Architect – Stantec


Northwestern Design was named the Bernard B. Barber Jr. Award winner for superior craftsmanship for its work performed on the Bay Area Headquarters Authority (BAHA) in San Francisco.

This building was completely renovated and was previously home to a former World War II tank assembly plant during the 1940s. It has now become a spectacular home to multi-government agencies.

BAHA is an 8-story, 512,000 square foot building, which combines the old and embraces the new. It incorporates reclaimed wood piers from the old Transbay Terminal, as well as reclaimed wood from the existing structure.

Much of the new wood that adorns the atrium is FSC® cherry, with a beautiful rich color that adds warmth. The atrium allows sunlight to filter into the building, setting off the glow of the cherry wood.

The casework NWD manufactured was provided per the contract drawings and executed per Woodwork Institute guidelines. The board room dais and staff desk, the security desk, and the reception desk were all design-build in nature.

This project also earned LEED Gold.

General Contractor – McCarthy Building Companies
Architect – Perkins & Will


The Woodwork Institute selected Northwestern Design as the winner of the Ralph B. McClure Craftsmanship Award. This program honors Woodwork Institute Accredited Millwork Companies for exceptional craftsmanship.

Northwestern Design was chosen for its interior work on the UC Berkeley Lower Sproul Student Community Center project.

The Lower Sproul project included the Eshleman, Cesar Chavez and MLK buildings. Trespa wall paneling was utilized throughout the Chavez building. The Eshleman building consisted of administration offices with workstation desks made of walnut wood veneer casework. Many of the administration desks were made out of Richlite laminated composite vertical slats with Cosentino Eco-Top engineered stone top work surfaces. In the corridors, beautiful solid walnut slab seating areas are found.

NWD was able to offer constructability suggestions that were critical for allowances for solid lumber expansion and contraction to maintain long-term structural integrity. The veneer layup in random match pattern was carefully selected for color and tone and was ultimately a worthwhile effort.

Throughout the dining and cafeteria areas, extended bench seating fabricated out of walnut lumber can be seen. The main entrance is adorned with a stunning three-dimensional, wedge-shaped central paneling system. This feature is surrounded by randomly matched walnut veneer panels extending into the second level system above. The entrance is breathtaking and well worth the extra time and energy required to make this project shine.

This project came together beautifully and offers a stunning interior for those who attend, work or visit the UC Berkeley campus.

General Contractor – McCarthy Building Companies
Architect – Moore Ruble Yudell


Northwestern Design was a semifinalist for the Ralph B. McClure Award for the millwork and casework at the CSU Monterey Bay Library.

Architectural millwork featuring both CNC engineering and custom handcrafting were used during the manufacturing of this project. Theater-style classroom desks with flip-up data ports were included in the unique custom desk work. The library’s three-story atrium features a modern design with elliptical casework. All countertop edges featured exposed Baltic plywood with mitered corners. Hardwood trim was quarter-sawn steamed Beechwood.

Many of the library workstations incorporated 3form in a beautiful red, setting off the natural Baltic plywood. The workstations all transition from sitting to standing, allowing staff to work in ergonomic positions that fit their needs.

General Contractor – S.J. Amoroso Construction Company
Architect – EHDD Architecture