Our Production department assures that each project is manufactured in a timely manner and that innovative ideas are implemented. Team members are committed to maintaining a high level of detail that ensures projects are completed to our client’s satisfaction.

NWD currently has 42,000+ square feet of manufacturing space, and can produce approximately $750,000 to $900,000 per month.

With 10,000 square feet of climatized, insured storage, we start manufacturing as soon as we have approved shop drawings. Each product is bar-coded by job, floor and room then securely palletized and stored in the warehouse for just-in-time shipping.

Photo of Jim Schmidt Jim Schmidt President
Photo of Calvin Schmidt Calvin Schmidt Director of Plant Operations
Photo of Warren Green Warren Green Custom Shop
Photo of Tyler Gettrost Tyler Gettrost Custom Shop
Photo of Scott Sanders Scott Sanders Custom Shop
Photo of Kyle Gaines Kyle Gaines Custom Shop
Photo of Keith McGowan Keith McGowan Finishing Shop
Photo of Dakota Wilson Dakota Wilson Finishing Shop
Photo of Mike Fithian Mike Fithian Line Shop
Photo of Jose Martinez Jose Martinez Line Shop
Photo of Shawn Wilson Shawn Wilson Line Shop
Photo of Eddie Vegas Eddie Vegas Line Shop
Photo of Justin Sullivan Justin Sullivan Line Shop
Photo of James Larsen James Larsen Line Shop
Photo of Levi Rogers Levi Rogers Line Shop