Private Client

This South San Francisco project for a private client is a definite attention grabber. Some of the project highlights include live Artisan Moss wall panels and suspended wooden blocks attached to thin stainless steel cables. The hanging wooden blocks are designed to resemble DNA strands.

Multi-story screen walls in the project feature brass rods to resemble a DNA strand. Walnut handrails are found throughout the ramps and stairs on the first four levels. The Café Brew Area features a wall paneling system with metal on MDF with brass reveals, all on walls with various curves and cutouts. A soffit structure to encapsulate the vent hood features poplar wood fins with various curves and finishes.

A major feature of the project is a 4-story stairwell with IPE tread, 1/2 laminated glass risers and IPE finished paneling on the underside of the treads and landings.

General Contractor – McCarthy Building Companies

Architect – Woods Bagot

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