Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center on the South Bascom Avenue campus is a perfect example of the newest health care trend, which focuses on the most updated care for patients and their families. The 367,000-square-foot, six-story facility offers 168 private patient rooms and includes a rehabilitation therapy center, an indoor garden atrium, meditation room and support offices.

The project was a collaborative design effort, involving many different materials. Teams worked to bring different tolerances of wood, plastics and steel together to not only create a unified look, but to offer a durable, warm and acoustically-friendly atmosphere. Bamboo wall paneling, with an inch thick of insulation, was used to maximize the acoustics throughout the facility giving the public areas an inviting feel.

Perforated panels stretch across the bridge on the second floor, which looks down on the public lobby below. Various works of art – including paintings, murals, sculptures and mobiles – were worked into the overall design to create an aesthetically-pleasing environment geared toward lifting spirits in emotional times.

General Contractor – Turner Construction Company

Architect – Stantec (formally Anshen & Allen)

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