UC Merced 2020

The three-phase expansion project at the University of California, Merced is heading into the final stretch. Fall 2020 is the scheduled date for completion.

UC Merced 2020, which broke ground in 2016, adds 13 new buildings to the campus. UC Merced was founded in 2005. These buildings house classrooms, laboratories, offices, student housing, life facilities and recreational areas. The 1.2 million gross-square-foot project doubles the campus size. But more importantly, the project offers the necessary facilities to accommodate enrollment growth.

NWD provided the casework for the first phase of the project. This included buildings 1A/3B and 1B (Housing and Classrooms) and 1D (Dining). This initial phase featured 20 classrooms and 729 beds of student housing in the Glacier Point and Granite Pass buildings, as well as a 600-seat dining area.

In addition, Northwestern Design delivered the casework and millwork for 2B (Computational Lab and Faculty Offices), 3A (Wet Laboratory), 3C and 3D (Housing and Student Life), 3G (Conference Center) and 3H (Enrollment Center).

General Contractor – Webcor Builders

Architect – Multiple

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